Post/Prenatal Rehab


Prenatal Rehabilitation

A woman’s body is constantly changing during pregnancy, the increase in weight causes increased strain on the spine, along with the increased ligament laxity could cause pain and instability in the lumbar spine, pelvis and thoracic spine. Tendonitis, myopathies, carpal tunnel syndrome, postural changes and separation of pubic symphysis are other common disorders during pregnancy. It is important to know the “Safe Exercises” during pregnancy, and that is where physical therapy comes into play. Several studies have shown that exercise during pregnancy or prenatal rehabilitation can accelerate the first stage of labor, prevent preeclampsiaand its complications, prevent gestational diabetes, reduce back pain, and improve the quality of life. It is also known to be beneficial for the newborn to help improve APGAR scorespostpartum.

Postnatal Rehabilitation

Dr. Mathew provides tailor made specialized programs from new moms to help them get back to physical activity without causing any further damage. Postnatal rehab can help with postural correction, pelvic pain, back pain, diastasis rectus abdominis and incontinence. Strengthening of pelvic floor and core musculature can help with vaginal or cesarean delivery postpartum and to get rid of the “Mommy Tummy”. Scar tissue mobilizationcan help with 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree vaginal tears and for C-section scars to reduced pain and adhesions.