5 Simple Ways to prevent back pain !

5 Simple Ways To Prevent Back Pain

A study shows that 3/5people suffer from either neck pain or back pain or both.

A recent study from American Journal of Public Health, reveals that 1 hour of siting = 1 cigarette..

Here is a chart that will give you an insight on how much pressure falls on the disc during various activities that we carry on during the day. Unsupported sitting put maximum pressure on the spine which results in pain.

Symptoms of back pain depending on the severity of your condition:

  • Centre back pain
  • Pain radiating to either or both legs
  • Tingling or numbness in either or both legs
  • Weakness of leg muscles

How can you prevent pain & treat yourself:

  • Maintaining a correct posture
  • Using a Lumbar roll while sitting
  • Taking adequate breaks – every 30mins for 30seconds
  • Bend from the knees not back
  • Strengthening your spinal muscles

We bend about 7000+ times a day which loads the spine more leading to back pain.

This simple exercise can help you alleviate the pain and relieve the extra stresses that fall on the spine.

1. Cobra Pose

Practising 10 repetitions of this Cobra pose 2-3 times a day is good enough to prevent back pressures from building up and helping reduce back pain 


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