Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Physical Therapy involves various hands on techniques, manual therapy and exercises to improve flexibility and strength of muscles, reduce inflammation in joints and tendons, reduce scar tissue post surgery, and increase range of motion of joints.

Pre/Post-Surgical Rehab

Strengthening specific muscle groups before surgery can help regain the strength back faster in post-operative phase. Post-surgical rehab should be started as soon as possible, to reduce restrictions with joint range of motion, scar tissue formation, improve strength and endurance.

Post/Prenatal Rehab

A woman’s body is constantly changing during pregnancy, the increase in weight causes increased strain on the spine, along with the increased ligament laxity could cause pain and instability in the lumbar spine, pelvis and thoracic spine.

Spine Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for spine involves reducing pain and spasm with various modalities and manual therapy, improving range of motion and strength with exercises, and conditioning with aerobic exercises to return back to pre-injury state.

Women’s Health

The pelvic floor is a complex of joints, ligaments, connective tissue, and muscles. All of which can be affected due to various reasons causing tightness, weakness and pain.

Ergonomic Assessment

Most people spend 80% of their day at work, which means they are doing some kind of repetitive activity leading to tightness, pain, spasm and tendinitis.