Patient Testimonials

Hrishi sir-09

Going into physical therapy, I was not expecting much due to a past bad experience with physical therapy in which I was never “healed” and ended up wasting so much money on it. However, I had a very good experience with New York Plaza Physical Therapy, specifically Dr. Anuja Matthew. I feel as good as new! Not to mention, NYPPT is very personable and strives its best to ensure the quality of the sessions and focusing on your improvement! I highly recommend NYPPT to anyone! Also, they take the coronavirus very seriously and ensure that you will not have to come in contact with any other patients. All equipment is also sanitized. – C.H. from Google Reviews

Dr Anuja is a dedicated PT. I contacted her on an emergency basis as I was traveling in 2 days. She took time out to help me with my mid back issue promptly. She carefully examined me and explained my current condition and planned my treatment with me. I am thankful for her excellent skills, as I was able to travel pain-free. She diligently followed up with me and made sure I continued my exercises while I was away. Thank you so much. – P.S. from Google Reviews

A very relaxing and very calm location. Very stress-free environment and the PT is great. They have different tools to treat various conditions and spends time with the therapies and not rushed. They are also very flexible and accommodating. – S.L. from Google Reviews

Extremely convenient downtown location and fantastic stuff. Anuja is very knowledgeable and compassionate. My therapy has been comprehensive and very effective. I have made fast progress recovering from an injury thanks to NY Plaza Physical Therapy. – L.S. from Google Reviews

Anuja was very attentive and knowledgeable. She was able to make connections between my different injuries which my doctor didn’t seem to notice or even cared about. – N.S. from Zocdoc

I can’t say enough about how great New York Physical Therapy is!! I went in with lower back spasms and was treated so well by very knowledgeable, capable, caring, and friendly people…very important things to be on the receiving end of when in pain…I am happy to report my back pain has lessened with the wonderful first treatment I received that day and even more in a follow-up visit…I was given an exercise plan to do at home which also helped my healing process…I totally recommend them. – C.S. from Google Reviews

Consulted Dr. Anuja Mathew for back pain and she was wonderful. The assessment, exercises, stretches, and tips given by her were very helpful to recover quickly. She has a very pleasant personality and confidence-boosting for working on the pain. I would absolutely recommend her. – K.K. from Google Reviews

This is the 3rd place I am trying and finally, my back is feeling better. Anuja, the PT here, is friendly, knowledgeable, and knows what she is doing. I highly recommend this place. – J.L. from Google Reviews

Anuja was very friendly and also very knowledgeable. She immediately targeted my problem muscle and gave me an easy to follow home program. – T.G. from Zocdoc